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Home Vintage Political Cartoons Getting Uncomfortably Crowded, 1922

Getting Uncomfortably Crowded, 1922


This cartoon is a little bit of a mystery to me, but I just love the Progressive Goat's goofy smile.  The Progressive Era was winding down by the time this cartoon ran in 1922, so there should have been no surprise, due to the success of prohibition, trust-busting and suffrage, that progressive movements were in the same stable as the Grand Old Party and the Democrats.    The Progressive Party itself had most of its political influence ten years earlier, but maybe by the time this cartoon was run they were becoming less 'fringe' and a potential rival for pushing one of the existing parties out of the two-party system.  The Democrat Donkey, not even labeled as such, is off to the left, frowning disappointedly.  Don't worry, Donkey:  Progressives will side with you after the New Deal, although their influence will wax and wane depending on how dirty a word "leftism" is at the time.