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State Of Confusion, 1950



Usually, I post a political cartoon with a little bit of history about the event that provoked the satirical illustration -- today, the cartoonist was just grasping at low-hanging fruit.

Our Representatives in Washington seem to be doing this all the time -- as Bush I would put it, "Read My Lips: No New Taxes!", but then something would change that position not long after.   Jon Stewart's The Daily Show feeds on the trough of cognitive dissonance that is the Great State of Confusion depicted above, and while the schadenfreude is so, so dilectable, Congress really wouldn't get anything done if there weren't two sides pulling in opposite directions, trying to make a compromise.

What happens when you don't get compromise is what we've got now: the current Congress has passed the fewest laws in history -- considering how many other times there has been a serious difference of opinion in Washington, such as the years leading up to the Civil War, or during the Civil Rights movement, or during the Great Depression, the current Congress has been the least successful in reaching compromise.

When I pick a political cartoon, it's often due to its tie to current day politics -- and this cartoon would seem to fit pretty much every congress thus far, some for better or worse.   Unfortunately, I can't read the signature; I believe the comic was done by William Comb, but couldn't find any record of him.