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Home Vintage Political Cartoons Third Party Threat, 1923

Third Party Threat, 1923


Although the Third Party Threat isn't a real caricature of anyone in particular, the Threat described here is the 1924 edition of the Progressive Party.   Several different groups called themselves the Progressive Party through the early 20th century, but they didn't always come from the same source.  The 1924 version existed solely to get Robert LaFollette elected.  LaFollette was a Wisconsin politician who was already forty years into his political career, working to eliminate graft and corruption in politics.   LaFollette found much of his support among the rural western farmers who also supported other Progressive groups like the Farm-Labor and NonPartisan League in other elections.  He even carried the state of Wisconsin's electoral votes, along with a few million more votes throughout the northern and western states.  It wasn't enough to truly shake up the election - Coolidge won by a huge margin - but their presence in the west affected the parties in deeper ways than just turning a presidential election.  The 1924 Progressive party died along with its champion:  LaFollette passed away a year later.