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Thirty Years of War

I know this is hardly a 'utopian' view of the world, but it certainly is a theoretical society built on a conceit: 30 years of ecological war will leave the world undone, destroying nation-states as we know them.  Note that it isn't "war", in the sense that tanks and drones are blowing shit up...it's a war for energy independence, in a world where thirty years is enough time for the world to completely be up-ended, as they've been predicting for the past fifty years.   Maybe thirty years is too short a time - try a hundred years, three hundred years, because there's more to the charts than an arrow that keeps going up.   Maybe I'm being utopian, but I think we're going to have clean, resilient energy long before the coasts flood and the arctic becomes tropical, and thirty years isn't enough time for either of 'em to resolve.   A world where we've harnessed the power of algae and the sun, just in time to react to ecological disaster, is the kind of thing found in sixties sci-fi utopias.