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Utopias: Doomed By Dogma

Chronosphere has taken the question, "where's my flying car?" and replaced it with, "why haven't we gotten around to inventing a good flying car yet?"  The answer is that society's values need to line up creative invention with society's ability to handle it.

He starts with Ancient Romans, and considers why they couldn't have invented most 19th century technology -- which really wasn't that far ahead of early-Christian society as far as technology goes.  War and the inherent insanity of average humans seems to be large retarding forces, mostly because both can inflict huge tragic impacts on society as a whole.  War, traditionally, is credited for many of modern scientific advances, but Chronosphere takes a wise turn by theorizing that, if science was the primary goal of the development of technology, rather than being a secondary 'happy accident' of the costly and deadly wars, we'd probably be on Mars by now.  So, people: the reason you aren't living in the Perfect World of the Future:  you're too violent, too crazy, and too scared of failure to actually ever put the effort into creating it.