Eastphalia, US

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Universe 25

Despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage -- so to speak.  In 1972, scientist John Calhoun built a perfect utopia, designed for the comfort and stressless lives for its inhabitants.  Its inhabitants were four breeding pairs of lab mice, and its goals weren't totally altruistic.  Calhoun new that, once population grew past a point, society would collapse, and Universe 25 was his real-world proof of overpopulation Armageddon.  This posits the converse of what destroys real-world attempts at Utopias;  often, they die off because of too few adherents, which is why Fourier required well over 1,500 people to keep a Phalanstery going.  Combining limited space and limited resources with an ever-growing population comes with it the death of a utopia due to too many adherents as well.   Calhoun's methods and processes leave some room for doubt that humans would suffer the same fate.  More scientific information on Universe 25 can be found here.