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White Supremacist Utopia In ND

Craig Cobb began buying up properties in the small North Dakota town of Leith in order to build a community that fits his ideas for the perfect community. This is how most uopias start, but Cobb's is the dark side of what people think of when it comes to utopias: Cobb is a white supremacist, and wants to take over Leith to estabilsh Cobbsville, a community that fits his expectations for what a right and upstanding town is.

Cobb moved in about a year ago, and began buying up vacant properties in the small Grant county town. Online, he posted a message for like-minded people to find their way out to Leith and help build his community. Needless to say, the locals are a bit concerned about the promised takeover. When a small town is redesigned as an art commune or revitalized by the opening of antique shops, people look on it as a positive.  The current residents of Leith, however, are a bit taken aback at Cobb's attempted revitalization of the town as something other than a quiet, idyllic ghost town.