Eastphalia, US

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Slab City

Three miles east of Niland, California, a stone's-throw from the Salton Sea and near Salvation Mountain,  is the remains of the Camp Dunlap Marine Training facility.  The camp is long gone, leaving behind cement slabs where the buildings once stood.   RV squatters have put the land to good use, renaming it Slab City.


The encampment contains a variety of freethinkers and aimless optimists, who have, for the most part, operated in a libertarian-minded commune, to each his own.  Snowbirds also make a good chunk of the several thousand occupants that have been rotating through residency over the past couple of decades.  As in most civilized communities, a lending library and a church have both taken root.  The land technically belongs to the state, but as long as the squatters aren't causing trouble, the state doesn't have much reason to step in...but decades of trash and sewage and an increase in troublemakers have put Slab City on the state's radar.  Have a look from Google's eye-in-the-sky.