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Christiania, Inc.

Christiania is an unorganized group of squatters who took over a portion of a Copenhagen military base in 1971.   They developed into a micronation of their own, developing laws and a structure for the benefit of their freethinking and progressive residents, and remaining moderately tolerated by the true government.   Forty years later, Christiania is stepping up in the world: the Danish government has arranged to sell the land to the Christiania community, and Christiania is selling 'shares' of the community in order to raise the needed funds. You can buy a share, too, and help their unincorporated community become incorporated in a very corporate way.  The people of Christiania, however, aren't treating things in any corporate way: the most they've done to accomodate an official structure is to establish a 'board of directors' of sorts, but aside from that the community will remain very libertarian in structure, leaving the residents to their own means and ends within the boundaries of the freedom of Christiania.