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What Is Metrogenesis?

Metrogenesis is a description for the theoretical process of building a city from a bare space of land, a SimCity for reality.   The closest this has come to actual application are the creation of company towns in support of industry, which were made from scratch to support the social, environmental, and comfort-related needs of an army of workers.  This includes not just the building of infrastructure, but the development of community bonds, nurturing of government and leadership, and the economic development to support the city's basic existence.

Build-Your-Own Cities

Governing magazine has looked at several communities that have 'budded off' larger metropolitan areas.  The main focus of the article is on the public-private partnership, which is a method to put the responsibility of public infrastructure and utilities on to private businesses, like those seen on the CH2MHill website. See also the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships.


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