Eastphalia, US

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Seasteading is an attempt to translate the concept of homesteading on public lands to the wide-open expanse of the ocean.  The term is a combination of the words "sea" and "homesteading".

Living at sea is not a new concept, and on a small scale thousands of people live in the open seas for months at a time.   These cases consist of individual ships or oil platforms, which usually fall under the direction of a larger government or organization.   Individuals who own their own ships may live in international waters for extended amounts of time as they cross the ocean, or choose to remain away from dry land at their leisure.

Seasteading is a much larger concept.   As a movement, seasteading aims to create communities large enough to be both self-sustaining and self-governing, but outside of existing national boundaries.

The movement tends toward libertarianism, as the goal of existing outside of national boundaries is to reduce or eliminate legal restrictions that exist on land.

Current oceangoing ships, particularly ocean liners, already provide the capacity and resources to sustain the residents of a small city.   These premade 'floating cities' are seasteading's initial model for operation.   Because the purpose of an oceanliner is decidedly different than a city (and appear more like a phalanstery than a town), future concepts involve floating platforms, custom made to fulfill the needs of a seasteading community.