Eastphalia, US

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The Brondby Haveby Kolonihavehuse

Brøndby Haveby is a little Kolonihaveområde in Holland, and if that's not enough weird characters for you, the aerial photo of this unique civic planning method is after the break:

It looks downright majestic from the air:

Each loop has a small cul-de-sac at the center, with each house's lot radiating from it like a seigneury plot from New France.   The idea is that every house has a common front yard, which encourages a more village-like atmosphere.   The small plots, greenspace, and culdesacs might give the impression of suburbia, but in fact it's a rather foreign concept to us Americans.   These kolonihavehuses are like a summer home, but not exclusively for the rich.  They are established as allotment areas which give cramped urban dwellers the opportunity to live outside the city and grow small substinence or hobby crops during summer months.  Many areas are overseen by an association of allotment communities, who make sure that the land is used properly.   Not all allotment communities are as picturesque as Brondby Haveby, and many are about as small and developed as community gardens in the US.