Eastphalia, US

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NATO PsyOps in Lybia

PsyOps are my favorite part of war.  No guns, just a mindfuck for the enemy.  NATO is dropping psyops pamphlets on Lybia now, several different formats, focused on three things:  Gadaffi's willingness to let the fighting go on, non-Libyan mercenaries, and brother-against-brother fighting.  I was initially a bit suspicious of AlJazeera's pamphlets because they're all in English - Arabic is Libya's official language - but they're in line with other leaflets on the NATO website. Other news sources say there's French and Arabic versions, too.  This isn't the first example of psyops in Lybia: there's been lots of leaflets from various countries, plus  shortwave broadcasts have also been heard under the operations of the US' own Commander Solo.  Note that this refers to neither this Commander Solo nor this Commander Solo.