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Alphabet's Utopia

Alphabet, the company behind Google and its brethren, has decided to build its own city.   This technological metropolis will, of course, include Google Fiber, ubiquitous internet, self-driving cars, and all the other modern marvels Google is at the forefront of.   In designing a city, however, Google will need to embark on some decidedly non-cutting-technologies, like water supplies, sanitary sewers, garbage removal, and sidewalk repair, depending on how far into world-building they are intending to go.


The Kingdom of North Sudan

A man from Virginia promised his daughter she'd be a princess someday.   To follow through with his promise, a flag was made and a drive through the desert was planned...



Riverside Plaza in Minneapolis was an attempt to reclaim neighborhoods leveled during Urban Renewal.   The New-Town-In-Town program was to try and return affordable housing and livable space to these decaying neighborhoods by re-imagining the "new town movement", while also bringing arts, culture, education, and recreation to the thousands of residents -- unfortunately, the wrong parts happened first.   The large amount of affordable housing was built but a variety of factors prevented the culture from following, resulting in creating the sort of high-rise slum the creators were trying to avoid.


The Difference Between Socialists and Anarchists

"The difference between the Socialists and Anarchists is thus explained: The Socialists believe in abolishing all present forms of government in a peaceable way and organizing society after their ideal methods, while the Anarchists wish to adopt a quicker method, using force to accomplish their ends, believing, like some of our western people when talking of the Indian, that the only good Capitalist is the dead one."

Source unknown, 1886


The Isolationism Of Seasteading

Hippies and Randian Libertarians have all fantasized about building their own country, where they can live by their own rules, and most recently Seasteading has been the shining example of how to accomplish this. Charlie Loyd, however, brings some reality back down on the seasteading movement, and the practicality of doing what they dream of.


Joblessness Isn't Laziness

A recent study of unemployment benefits across Europe -- a region known for expansive welfare programs in nearly every country -- has found that social welfare benefits do not breed laziness.   Social status, or rather the perception of wealth and usefulness, is a more driving factor in the behavior of people on welfare.   Now, there's a bit of interpretation in the use of words: for example, the article says "being unemployed in Spain, Poland and Romania has little effect on subjective well-being," which might just indicate a general level of laziness to begin with rather than the workers gradually acclimating to unemployment.   So, before blaming unemployment for the laziness, take a look at the bigger picture: the laziness while on unemployment is a characteristic of society's role for those people, and not unemployment benefits directly.


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Taxes on high-income citizens should be put back to Nixon and Reagan levels.

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